uTorrent Ultra Accelerator 3.9.0

Optimizes performance of the uTorrent program to increase download speeds

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows NT / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98 / Windows 95

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uTorrent is one of the most popular P2P torrent applications available, but to the casual user, it can be difficult to navigate the multitude of options and settings available to tweak speeds and features of the program. A wrong setting can not only decrease your torrent download speed, but can seriously affect your ability to browse or even use the internet at all while uTorrent is actively running. uTorrent Ultra Accelerator is a small program user friendly interface which claims to improve your download speeds, but has few in reality, if any benefits.

Installation is a normal, straightforward process, but does carry the risk of installing bundled ad-ware. On three occasions during installation, you must de-select or click cancel in order to avoid installing the ad-ware, but beyond that the process is relatively painless.

On the surface, uTorrent Ultra Accelerator is easy to use, with a major upside for heavy Torrent users or anyone without a more expensive high speed internet service plan. The controls consist of five buttons and a single drop-down menu. Simply click the Start button to begin accelerating your downloads, and click Stop to deactivate the accelerator. Also included are three convenience controls, including a button to launch uTorrent, minimize the accelerator, and a Quit button. The included drop-down menu allows you to select any of the installed network adapters on your computer, which then populates the Statistics section of the window and displays basic network information related to the selected adapter, including the type of connection, duration and bytes sent and received.

The biggest disappointment, however, is that this small, user-friendly program had no perceptible effect on the speed of downloads. Immediately you begin to wonder, "What did I do wrong?" A quick search for instructions or a help file is fruitless - neither are included. Right clicking the uTorrent Ultra Accelerator icon in the system tray is no help either, as there are only eight options in the menu - five of which are links to advertising websites. Even the About menu only displays the developing company and version number of the program.

That said, the only application for this program that is noticeable is to monitor whether your network adapter is sending or receiving data, which can be done through a number of more efficient methods that don't require a third party program.


  • Simple user interface


  • No instructions or Help menu
  • Bundled ad-ware, despite claims to the contrary (Search Protect by Conduit)
  • No noticeable change to download or upload throughput

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